Features of waterproof junction box.

Features of waterproof junction box
1. A waterproof junction box for a lamp, comprising a bottom box and a lid, the bottom box is provided with a terminal base at a middle portion thereof and a cable fastening head base distributed on both sides of the terminal base. It is characterized in that the bottom box is circular, and an annular surrounding wall extends upward from the edge of the bottom box, the outer surface of the annular surrounding wall is provided with external threads, and the box cover is a hollow cylinder with an open end. The inner thread of the body is provided with an internal thread that is screwed with the external thread, and the box cover is assembled on the bottom box by means of the internal thread and the external thread.

Waterproof junction box
The waterproof junction box for a lamp according to claim 1, wherein a height of a side wall of the cover is greater than a height of the surrounding wall.
3. The waterproof junction box for lamps according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that a waterproof gasket is sleeved on the bottom of the annular surrounding wall of the bottom box, and the lower end of the box cover is pressed on the waterproof gasket.
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Post time: Nov-28-2019
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