p349-p352 ABS Water proof junction box(gray)

p349-p352   ABS Water proof junction box(gray)

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It is used for the branching and polymerization of the cable loop in the control electrical return circuit under 1000V.  They are the ideal indoor and outdoor electrical control circuit devices in modern industrial areas. The series of products can constitute electrical power boxes, control boxes, signal boxes and other devices by  installing connecting terminals, cable joints, button switches or signal lights.

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Good electric insulation properties

High mechanical strength

Good fire retardation

Strong corrosion resistance

Wide working temperature range

High-level protection

Our company will provide service such as portiforium of the box cover and sides, and assembly of components in accordance to the customer’s requests. We will spare no effort to meet any special demands of our customers.   

FJ6/XT Series ABS waterproof box(Transparent cover PC) FJ6/XH Series ABS waterproof box(gray)
Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions Dimensions
XT50X 65X55 XT175X175X100 XH50X 65X55 XH150X200X100
XT65X 95X55 XT150X200X100 XH65X 95X55 XH150X200X130
XT80X110X45 XT150X200X130 XH80X110X45 XH150X250X100
XT80X110X70 XT150X250X100 XH80X110X70 XH150X250X130
XT80X110X85 XT150X250X130 XH80X110X85 XH200X 200X95
XT80X130X70 XT200X 200X95 XH80X130X70 XH200X 200X130
XT80X130X85 XT200X 200X130 XH80X130X85 XH280X190X130
XT80X160X55 XT280X190X130 XH80X160X55 XH280X190X180
XT80X180X70 XT280X190X180 XH80X180X70 XH280X 280X130
XT80X 250X70 XT280X 280X130 XH80X 250X70 XH280X 280X180
XT80X 250X85 XT280X 280X180 XH80X 250X85 XH280X 340X130
XT125X125X75 XT280X 340X130 XH125X125X75 XH280X 340X180
XT125X125X100 XT280X 340X180 XH125X125X100 XH280X 380X130
XT125X175X75 XT280X 380X130 XH125X175X75 XH280X 380X180
XT125X175X100 XT280X 380X180 XH125X175X100 XH380X190X130
XT140X170X95 XT380X190X130 XH140X170X95 XH380X190X180
  XT380X190X180 XH175X175X100  
FJ6/FH Series ABS waterproof Inheritance box(gray)     FJ6/FT Series ABS waterproof Inheritance box(Transparent cover PC)
Dimensions   Dimensions  
FH300X 200X160   FT300X 200X160  
FH300X 200X180   FT300X 200X180  
FH300X 300X180   FT300X 300X180  
FH300X 400X180   FT300X 400X180  
FH400X 500X200   FT400X 500X200  
FH400X 600X220   FT400X 600X220  
FH100X200X70   FT100X200X70  
FH100X150X70   FT100X150X70  
FH150X150X90   FT150X150X90  
FH170X220X110   FT170X220X110  
FH290X 390X160   FT290X 390X160  
FH330X 330X130   FT330X 330X130  
FJ6/PH Series ABS waterproof box FJ6/PT Series ABS waterproof box
Dimensions   Dimensions  
PH80X120X50   PT80X 120X50  
PH110X150X70   PT110X150X70  
PH130X90X70   PT130X90X70  
PH140X190X70   PT140X190X70  
PH190X240X90   PT190X240X90  
PH220X 300X120   PT220X 300X120  
PH300X 380X120   PT300X 380X120  

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