What are the benefits of wire connector terminals for wiring? how to use?

What are the benefits of wire connector terminals for wiring? how to use? In everyday home improvement, safety is definitely the most important. "Electric beating, water erosion" points out the importance of concealed works. When people are shocked, the safety of the circuit is crucial. According to the statistics of relevant departments, there are 1,253 electrical fire accidents in a city from 1 to 10, and the losses caused are not estimated. The reasons are mostly caused by backward connection technology, inferior electrical insulation materials and people's lack of awareness of safety and prevention.

FJ6-3 Multi-purpose Heavy current terminal block

Wire connector terminal block

When people are decorating, they change the circuit and install it on the luminaire. The wire joints are usually wrapped with black rubber or connected with ordinary wiring caps. As everyone knows, this approach is not reliable. The tape and the ordinary terminal cap have a short life, are easy to aging or even fall off, and the joint portion may be exposed and poorly contacted, forming a hidden danger, which may easily cause personal injury such as electric shock or fire caused by fire.

In addition, with the increase of household appliances, the electric load increases, and the current on the wires also increases. If the joint part is in poor contact (the contact resistance is too large), the heat caused by the large current is more prominent, it will be A huge hidden danger. After the renovation is completed, the circuit part is basically hidden in the wall. Once the fault occurs, it will be quite troublesome to repair, no matter your energy or economy will bring no small loss.

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Post time: Nov-02-2019
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