Product Selection Guide for Terminal Blocks

Haiyan Terminal blocks, a leading supplier of terminal blocks for electrical and electronic distribution, our website customers to select and order terminal block products. The website features an entirely new Selection Guide for a wide range of terminal blocks and screw terminal hardware.

The new Selection Guide includes a quick visual selection of the terminal block and hardware families on the new home page. From there, site visitors are taken to a table for the selected product family that provides a complete listing of terminal block or hardware products, including part numbers, photos, drawings and data sheets or catalogs. The table also identifies the Voltage, Current, Pitch and Number of Poles for a quick visual identification of the terminal blocks needed. The Current Rating is provided for the terminal screw hardware line.  Altogether, the Selection Guide covers over 9,500 part numbers.


Haiyan Terminal blocks product terminal block portfolio incorporates comprehensive block styles and types, with broad electrical ranges and varies features, often well beyond those supplied by other companies. As a terminal block specialist, Haiyan Terminal blocks has the most complete selection of terminal block and screw terminal hardware products available.

The website also includes listings of the company’s distributors and sales representatives, and a convenient Cross-Reference Guide of competitor part numbers. Also featured on the new website is Haiyan Terminal blocks Value-Added Center for modification and customization of products on site. This service capability, along with a strong part inventory, allows Haiyan Terminal blocksto deliver with lightning speed at very competitive costs.

Haiyan Terminal blocks Co.,Ltd as a Terminal blocks manufacturing enterprise in China, it has come through the complicated industrial environment. It is a professional manufacturer integrating researching and developing, producing and selling large current terminal blocks, which was founded in 1991.The company has low-cost, high-quality manufacturing capabilities and can provide reliable products from stock. A distinct competitive advantage that Haiyan Terminal blocks offers its customers includes the ability to make modifications in-house to its terminal blocks based on customer requirements.

Post time: Jun-24-2020
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