Market sales NO.1 terminal block function introduction

The invention of the terminal has been around for a century. In the past 100 years, the industry has been arguing that Phoenix has continuously developed new products that adapt to different functions in various fields, making the wiring of electrical equipment and control cabinets more convenient. . With the increase in the number of terminal blocks, the terminal market has begun to gradually refine, and the favored products have gradually emerged. According to China Haiyan's many years of production and sales experience, the most popular terminals on the market are straight-welded terminals. On the one hand, the LED field requires a large number of terminals. On the other hand, the series of terminals have various functions. User's connection. Here's a look at the features of this series of terminals.

Straight-welded terminal blocks (LG series) are mostly composed of insulating parts, crimping frame, conductive parts and screws. The insulating parts are PA66 material, flame retardant grade V0, crimping frame is copper nickel plating, and screws are high precision alloy copper. Nickel plating, conductive parts are phosphor bronze tinned tin, high oxidation resistance.

Post time: Jul-21-2018
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