Insulation Piercing Clamp Product Applicable Use and Application Range

Insulation Piercing Clamp Product Applicable Use:

Insulation puncture clamp is a kind of non-bearing power connection fitting with small resistance, reliable connection, constant clamping force, convenient installation, versatility, reusable installation and cost performance. It is often used in plastics. The connection between the insulated copper and aluminum wire trunk lines and the meter's branch line is a new type of energy-saving clip that replaces the existing non-loading line clamps including the groove, the special shape, the insulated puncture clamp and the hand binding line. .

The product design inherits the characteristics of the energy-saving clamp articulated structure. At the same time, it adopts the vertical outlet mode that does not affect the conductor and the unique scientific self-locking function, and the AB and C-clamps form a self-locking whole, which makes the product perfect combination. It reduces the labor intensity, does not damage the wire at all during installation and disassembly, can be reused many times, has the same life as the wire, and greatly removes the work efficiency, and is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving product.

The product adopts special aluminum alloy material, and carries out scientific and reasonable design structure, so that it can change with the external environment and load conditions during use, and the contact pressure of the wire clamp on the wire is small, so that the connection connection can reach the optimal requirement. At the same time, the constant contact pressure between the wire and the wire clamp can be maintained for a long time, and the constant and sufficient pressure and the maximum contact surface maintain a very low contact resistance for a long time, and the overload capability is strong, and a stable pressure load is formed on the wire.

Special aluminum alloy material, coated with anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, water-repellent and highly conductive electric compound grease, can make good contact with different materials. Such as: aluminum-copper, copper-aluminum, copper-copper transition; fasteners use imported stainless steel bolts, anti-corrosion, anti-rust treatment, easy to install, low cost (universal wrench can be).

Product performance is stable, no maintenance, no maintenance, greatly reducing maintenance costs.

Post time: Jul-21-2018
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