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2 Ett inloppsanslutningsplint för flera uttag för doseringsbox


Produkt Taggar

一, General

In order to improve residential electricity consumption condition, our company develops FJ6/JHD series terminal block .This kind of terminal block enables the operation to be more convenient, and also guarantees reliable connection, and finally reaches the aim of safety in utilizing electric energy. This products get high appreciation from the energy measuring operators one-meter”and standardization of energy measuring devices as well as standardized management. The products are also honored as national high-quality technological produkter och rekommenderas för användning av nationella elkraftsbyråer.

二, Application

Application of this terminal block enables house service wire to be separated from meter service wire, which solves the problem of parallel connection. Terminal block cover can be sealed to prevent electricity theft ; Neutral line terminal block can be earthed repeatedly. It is in conformity with the“special, sealed”principle standardization of one-household one-meter. The products appliceras i ”en-hushåll en meter” elektrisk doseringsbox.

三 、 Strukturella funktioner

This series of terminal block adopt high-molecular polycarbonate material imported from America. It has advantages of high impact resistance, moisture resistance, favorable insulation; ageing resistance, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, etc.. 

The binding screw adopts compound recess , which is suitable for flathead screwdriver and crossed screwdriver The products are popular på grund av kompakt volym, stor kapacitet, hög motståndskraftig spänning, rimlig struktur och elegant utseende.

四 、 Tekniska huvudindex

1 、 Isoleringsspänning : 660V 、 50Hz / 60Hz       

2 、 Kalibrerad ström : 30A (40A) utlopp för varje krets

3 、 Driftstemperatur : -40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃ kontinuerligt

4 、 Effektfrekvens tål spänning : 3000V / minut

5 、 Isoleringsmotstånd mellan plintar :> 40MΩ

Huvudsaklig teknisk parameter
 isoleringsspänning: 660V, 50HZ / 60HZ
Driftstemperatur :  -40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃
Kalibrerad ström : 30A (40A)
kraftkälla med stående spänning: 3000V / min
isoleringsresistans: > 40MΩ

Product style

FJ6/HY1-14One-Inlet fourteen-outlet terminal blockOrder No.170267  2 Ett inloppsanslutningsplint för flera uttag för doseringsbox
FJ6/HY1-18One-Inlet eighteen-outlet terminal blockOrder No.170268
FJ6/HY1-22One Inlet twenty two-outlet terminal blockOrder No.170269
FJ6/HY1-26One Inlet twenty six-outlet terminal blockOrder No.170270
FJ6/HY1-30One-Inlet thirty-outlet terminal blockOrder No.170271
FJ6/HY1-34One-inlet thirty four-outlet terminal blockOrder No.170272
FJ6/HY1-38One-inlet thirty eight-outlet terminal blockOrder No.170273
FJ6/HY1-42One-inlet forty two-outlet terminal blockOrder No.170274

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