terminal block for electric energy metering box

terminal block for electric energy metering box

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JHD-5 type terminal block for electric energy metering that is installed in the metering box is successfully developed by us under the strong cooperation of relevant departments, it can provide the full guarantee for solving the problems of irregular measurement and connection and implementing the standardization and normalization of metering and distribution device.

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The product is made of high molecular polycarbonate, formed by injection moulded process, so it has excellent properties such as flame retardant, high temperature resistance, no water absorption, dampness resistance, perfect insulation, anti impact, not easy to break, anti aging, etc., in addition, it is characterized by small volume, large current carrying capacity, high withstanding voltage, structure reasonable, vivid color, nice appearance, etc..


It is suitable for metering box, watt-hour meter box and complete cubicle, used at the secondary circuit of rated voltage 220V-660V and current 5-20A. According to the number of circuit, user may select the terminal blocks of different gears.

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