T-type connection terminal block

T-type connection terminal block

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FJ6/JXT1 series T-type connector and T-type terminal box are used for branch line T-type connection in the construction and industrial electric equipment when cable trunk can’t be cut off. The traditional T-type connection method of conductor is to strip the insulator of trunk line, wrap the branch conductor to the trunk line, and pack with the insulated cloth. This connection method have the most direct defects which are poor reliability, large contact resistance, easy to cause electric accident. when the branch conductor section is larger than 10mm2, it is difficult to wrap by hand. The launch of FJ6/JXT1 series T- type connector, used for trunk line of large section, solves this problem due to its features of reliability, convenience and low cost.

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Easy branching of trunk line when the cable is not cut off, flexible combination.
Reliable connection of copper or aluminum conductor and the transition between copper and aluminum All electric performance parameter in informity with IEC standard, perfect electricity conductivity, low resistance loss, little voltage drop, and the contact drop 1.98V.Strong heat endurance and impact resistance, withstanding short-circuit strength test of 120A/mm2, the insulator foot made of incombustible material, shows perfection in aging resistance. Convenient installation, saving time for construction, not need lug, realizing bare conductor connection, favored by construction teams. Compared with plug-in bus ducts and branch cables, it can save 50%~70% of engineering expense.


This product is composed of insulator foot, wire frame, protective cover. The wire frame is made up of clamp, screw, nut and supporting fixture. A closed interlocking structure is formed between clamp and conductor contact with large contact surface and reliable crimping, Through combinations of different shapes of clamps, a double-layer connection can be formed, which makes the trunk line be connected from the lower layer and branch line be connected from the upper layer Thus, T-type connection is formed. The produc t has common type and protection type. The protection type product is especially suitable for the cable tray, to effectively prevent the circuit being damaged by mouse.

Installation and size

T-type connector is usually installed in“T”terminal box to deliver. The installation steps are as follows:
① Open box cover;
② Remove the protective cover;
③ Take out the clamp and connect the trunk line according to the manual;
④ Shut the protective cover down after connecting the branch line, and put the box cover on.

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