Single row zero line copper terminal

Single row zero line copper terminal

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FJ6B-25/2P, FJ6B-25/3P, FJ6B-50(70)/2P, FJ6B-50(70)/3P series terminal block is suitable for the circuit of AC 660V below, frequency 50Hz or 60Hz, DC 440V below. It is used for electric connection of non-prefabricated or prefabricated conductors of section area 0.5mm2~70mm2, current 170A below. This terminal block can form integrated multi-circuit  between two adjacent dovetail grooves according to customers' requirement, featured in convenient operation, safety and reliability.

Model: 8-hole Model: 12-hole Model: 14-hole
Outline size: Overall length 107 Copper length 77 Outline size: Overall length 130 Copper length 100 Outline size: Overall length 150 Copper length 120
Height 30 Hole 5.3 Height 30 Hole 5.3 Height 30 Hole 5.3
Mounting size: 95 Screw M4X8 Mounting size: 118 Screw M4X8 Mounting size: 138 Screw M4X8
Copper bar: 6X9 Copper bar: 6X9 Copper bar: 6X9
Order no.: 170816 Order no.: 170817 Order no.: 170818
Model: 16-hole Model: 18-hole Model: 22-hole
Outline size: Overall length 164 Copper length 134 Outline size: Overall length 178 Copper length 148 Outline size: Overall length 205 Copper length 175
Height 30 Hole 5.3 Height 30 Hole 5.3 Height 30 Hole 5.3
Mounting size: 152    Screw M4X8 Mounting size: 166    Screw M4X8 Mounting size: 193    Screw M4X8
Copper bar: 6X9 Copper bar: 6X9 Copper bar: 6X9
Order no.: 170819 Order no.: 170820 Order no.: 170821
Model: 2-hole3-hole5-hole8-hole12-hole14-hole  
22-hole  24-hole  
Copper bar: 7X11
Order no.: 170821+1

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