Single phase large current multi-channel output measuring box special junction box

Single phase large current multi-channel output measuring box special junction box

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 Structure features

Featured with small volume, large current carrying capacity, high withstanding voltage, reasonable structure, nice appearance, etc., this product has many superior properties such as flame retardant, withstanding high temperature, no water absorption, wetness prevention, perfect insulation, impact resistance, anti aging, etc..
Its cover plate is made of transparent material, assembled and disassembled conveniently, so, it attains the goal of transparence and visualization as well as reliable power utilization.

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This product supports metering of various meter-position, after mounting, it not only avoids the problem of weak current, unsafe, inconvenience or other potential accidents caused by service-entrance wire entering into bare copper bar directly, but also cuts down the cost of metering box. It can be divided into single-pole (1P), single-phase (2P), three-phase three-wire (3P), three-phase four-wire (4P) according to the pole number; it can be divided into one-outlet, two-outlet, three-outlet, four-outlet … twenty-four-outlet and so on according to the outlet wire condition.

Main technical parameter
 insulation voltage: 660V50HZ/60HZ
Service-entrance conductor current (A/section mm2 100/25, 150/50,  250/120 ,300/150 400/240
Meter-entrance conductor current(A/section mm2 60-125/10-25wire outgoing at eachcircuit
 Power frequency withstand voltage: 3,000V/1min
Working temp.: -40℃+160℃
Terminal-to-terminal/insulation resistance: 40MΩ

11 22 33

2 3

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