p370-373 TTD Insulation Piercing Connectors(1KV)

p370-373 TTD Insulation Piercing Connectors(1KV)

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■ Used for branch connection of insulated cable for architectural distribution system, connection of LV overhead insulated cable,branch connection of LV insulated service-entrance cable, distribution system of streetlight, etc.
■ Main line: Insulated copper or aluminum
■ Branch line: Insulated copper or aluminum
■ Live-line work or power-cut work is allowable
■ Main body of connector is made of high strength insulating material that anti mechanical change or climatic variation.
■ The screw that is equipped with fastening torque nut is anticorrosion treated, the torque nut enables the installation to be much simple, safe and quick, its constant puncturing pressure guarantees best electrical effect for the cable connection.
■ The connector is featured with property of waterproof, it is able to withstand voltage of 6KV in water without breakdown phenomenon.
■ The waterproof sealing end cap of branch line prevents water from entering into the branch connected conductor. It can be branched on the left or right side according to the demand.

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function and features

■ Easy installation
①Without stripped cable insulation layer,the cable can be cut without doing cable branch connector completely sealed waterproof insulation
②Operations can be charged,can be done anywhere in the cable branch Only at the time of installation Wrench
■ The use of safety
①Resistance distorted,earthquakes,flood prevention,electricity,and anti-corrosion aging Maintenance-free
■ Cost savings
①Construction applications,minimal installation space,and the civil engineering costs savings bridge without terminal box,splitter box without cables back to the line,saving cable investment cost-effective than traditional connections
②Widely used in city networks,insulating transformation of the rural power grids

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