p361-362 HYC10 Insulation Piercing Connectors(10KV)

p361-362 HYC10 Insulation Piercing Connectors(10KV)

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FJ6/HYJ series insulation piercing connector is mainly used for wire branching The applicable voltage is 10kV, 1kV and less more than 1kV.
It has the following function and features:
■ Simple installation. The insulated layer of lead needn’t be stripped. Put the mainline and branch line into connector correctly and screw the moment nut off with a box spanner.
■ Small contact resistance and low temperature rising . The specially-made moment bolt guarantees constant piercing pressure which enable the connector to get a good electric contact without any excessive conductor damage, and guarantee the normal performance life of circuitry.
■ Sealed stunture and high surability. The internal adopts whole sealing structure and is filled with insulating heat conducting grease, which improves insulating strength and security.
■ Wide application range . It is applicable to branch connection of copper and aluminum conductor, hetero-dia metric conductor,and butt joint of isodiametric conductor. It is also applicable to transition branch connection of copper and aluminum insulated lead.

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1. The conductor used for insulation piercing connector must conform with international standard.
2. The installation operator must be familiar with installation technique.
3. Please put on insulating gloves and use insulating box spanner during hot-line work.
4. The insulation piercing connector is a kind of one-time product. Please do not use it again after dismantling because of dental pattern transfiguration.


1.Installing and fixing main cable in traditional way.
2. Stripping outer insulator of main cable for 0.6m at part that need part(don,t destroy insulaton layer for phase).
3.Choosing branch cable ( not more than 3m) whose distance is the same as electric meter
box, and strip insulator at two terminals.
4.Installing the separator vertically by turns (the sepatator distance is more than 10cm).

 Mainly application:

Special for street lamp system (vertical shaft forbidden)
■For connecting the building lights, street lamp, high building vertical shaft
■For connecting the cables of high building vertical shaft, outdoors overhead wire, cable trench, factory power cable.


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