One inlet three outlet Three phase four wire

One inlet three outlet Three phase  four wire

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FJ6/PJ1、2 type energy measuring terminal blocks are developed on the basis of former ones according to the suggestion from relevant experts of  national electric power bureau.This provides a favorable environment for adopting standard wiring.

        This products is specialy applied for standard wiring of energy measuring equipment, It is also suitable  for secondary circuit of rated voltage up to 660V and rated current up to 20A. It is used to change or inspect the electric equipment  such as energy meter, electric instrument and relaying protection equipment under on-load circumstance. It guarantees operater personal safety and improves  fieldwork efficiency. It plays a positive role in improving the measuring correctness. The products can always  receive favorable comments in the power system field.

Structural features

 FJ6/PJ1、2 type energy measuring terminal block have excellent quality. It adopts high-molecular polycarbonate material imported from America. It has advantages of bright and elegant appearance, high impact resistance, moisture resistance, favorable insulation; ageing resistance, flame retardant and high t adopts compound recess , which is suitable for flathead screwdriver and crossed screwdriver. The voltage circuit adopts one-inlet  three-outlet, All phases are marked with phase sequence, which is not only convenient for combined wiring, but also can avoid measuring error caused by wiring wrong phase sequence.  The Terminal block cover is fixed with two sealing screws, which is helpful to provent electictricity-theft.

Main technical parameter

1、 Rated voltage:FJ6/PJ1:3×380/220V


2、Rated current:5A(20A);

3、 Power frequency withstanding voltage:3000V/min;

4、 Insulation resistance:>30MΩ;

5、Ambient temperature:- 40℃~+120℃

Main technical parameter
Rated voltage: 3x380/220V
Rated current: 5A(20A)
power ferquency with standing voltage: 3000V/min
insulation resistance: 〉30MΩ
ambient temperature: —40 ℃~+120 ℃

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