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FJ6/HYT series terminal block is an important component in low voltage electric equipment It is mainly applied for branching

the trunk line, It is  the most advanced terminal block in China at present.

The current method to branch wire from the cable trunk is to cut off the trunk line, and crimp two ends of trunk line and the required

branch, and pack them, or to bind the branch line to trunk line.  Both of them have trouble and insecurity, but also impairs the whole

mechanical strength of trunk line, and results in large contact resistance of branch, weak reliability, easy heating and accident.

Compared with traditional branching methods, this terminal block  shows flexible, safe and reliable feature in branching the trunk

line. It saves the time of mounting and reduce the construction price of project, and takes convenience in disassembling.

二、Technical parameters

Thermal stability:5.2KA、1S

Max mechanical strength: 20:20N*M

emperature rise:350A,10.5k

Max normal operation temperature:140℃

Flame retardant rating:FVO

Comparative tracking index Ct1:≥175

三、  Feature


Being unnecessary to cut off the trunk line, terminal block totally avoids trouble and insecurity occurring in the original  construction,

and guarantees mechanical strength of trunk line, especially the vertical strength of trunk line in the vertical shaft, so as to improve

the reliability in branching the trunk line.


Simple operation methods, no confine in space, and no restriction in branching on any wire section of trunk line, flexible disassembling,

repetitive use, the operation that only needs a common hand tool.


The insulator foot has notable features like advanced electric performance, thermal endurance and anticorrosion, strong vibration

resistance and impact resistance. The main body is designed into special mechanical profiled structure of copper, The surface is nickel-

plated. It guarantees better electricity conductivity and other performance.


With complete specification, terminal block from 25mm2 to 240mm2 can be divided into multi branches from 2.5mm2 to 70mm2.

Applicable range

With wide applicable range, this terminal block is most suitable for the circuits

of industrial workshops, floor electric meter boxes of residential areas, power supply

circuits of electric vertical shaft of commercial buildings, cable trays, distribution boxes,

overhead lines, mechanical equipment control cabinet and secondary circuit of 10KV

high-voltage cabinet small busbars.


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