FJ6-JTS2EB Three Phase Three Wire DIN rail type connection terminal max inlet wire : 50 mm sq

FJ6-JTS2EB Three Phase Three Wire DIN rail type connection terminal max inlet wire : 50 mm sq

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FJ6S series terminal block (elaborate type) is specially designed for  standard wiring in various electric control distribution equipment, complete sets, multi-circuit meter boxes and combined type terminal unit boxes. Its rated insulation voltage is 690V, rated operating voltage 380V, max rated operating current 630A. The inlet end can be connected with conductors of 6mm2~185mm2 in sectional area, the outlet end 2.5mm2~185mm2 in sectional area according to the circuit number and wiring mode. The product possesses advantages of novel structure, reliable wiring, convenient operation.


FJ6S series terminal block is made up of electric conductor, bench insulator and protective cover. The integrated body adopts building block system assembly mode, with elaborate construction, elegant appearance and reliable structure. The inlet end can be connected with the conductor directly (simple installation) or outlet by OT terminal (line lug) and connected in plate wiring way. We adopt high strength set screw as press line screw, and use special spherical bottom, which guarantees enough pressure to the press line without damaging it, and makes sure that there is a reliable touch.

Installation and operation

This series of products provides two types o f installation mode: 1. Fixed type, drill hole on the bottom plate and install directly.Mounting screw is M5; 2. Rail type mounting, install on TH-35 rail. We suggest using multi-core line as inlet wire, when inserting the conductor to blind hole, make sure that the conductor should be fully inserted that you can screw down the bolt, otherwise, you may make a wrong connection. When the sectional area of inlet wire is rather small, but the wire insulation part can be squeezed into the connection hole, on the premise of reliable touch of conductor, the insulation part is allowed to entry the connection hole. When wanting to open the protective cover for operating or maintaining, just pinch the lapping part of protective cover by hand to take off the cover, or insert into the lapping part by screw driver and rotate lightly to take off the cover.

Notification of order

When placing an order, please indicate the model (or order No.) and quantity clearly. FJ6S series terminal block can be customized with various non-standard inlet and outlet wire size.


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