DIN rail type Multi-purpose energy measuring terminal block (Max inlet diameter 240 SQMM)

DIN rail type Multi-purpose energy measuring terminal block (Max inlet diameter 240 SQMM)

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 FJ6/JTS3 series terminal block is designed for wiring in electric control distribution equipment, complete equipment and terminal apparatus ,etc.. The product is of rated insulation voltage 690V, rated working voltage 380V, max section of inlet terminal conductor 16-120mm2. According to different circuit number and connection ways, the section of outlet terminal reaches 2.5-240mm2. This product structure has advantages of original structure, firm connection and flexible operation. In addition, it can also serve as electric equipment busbar, heavy-current terminal block,neutral terminal, grounding terminal, equipotential terminal, etc..


 FJ6/JTS3 series terminal block is composed of conductive part, insulator foot and protective cover, with compact volume and reliable structure. Through its inlet terminal, the conductor can be connected directly (simple connection), or connected with OT lug (panel connection),in addition, this inlet terminal also allows the copper busbar not exceeding 30MM to enter, and all connections at the outlet terminal are of the barrel type. The bottom of crimping screw is spherical shape, which takes no damage over the conductor when crimping, and even brings big enough extrusion force over the conductor and have more reliable contact.  

Installation & Use

There are two ways to install this product: 1. Drill a hole in the bottom plate directly and install (mounting screw is M5);2. Install it on TH一35 rail (top-hat rail). It is suggested that multi-core wire should  be used for connecting conductors. And only the conductor is inserted into the bottom of blind hole thoroughly, could the screw  be tightened down to prevent wrong connection. When conductor section is small, and conductor insulator can be stuffed into the connection hole, the insulator is allowed to enter into the connection hole on the premise of reliable contact of conductor. If the protective cover is required to open, pinch the lap of protective cover inward slightly, insert a screwdriver into the lap, then rotate it slightly. When to assemble the protective cover, apply the pressure to four laps, and make sure every lap into the hole.   

Notification of order

When ordering, please indicate the model (or order No.) and quantity.

The inlet and outlet wire size of FJ6/JTS3 series terminal block can be customized.

Installation and operation

This series of products provides two installation modes:

1. Fixed type, drill hole in the base plate and install directly, mounting screw is M5;

2. Rail type, installed on the TH-35 guide rail (top hat rail).

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