Waterproof junction box features

Features of waterproof junction box:

● Moisture-proof, waterproof, protection class IP68 ● Small size and light weight

● Corrosion resistant ● Good insulation

● Long service life ● Easy installation

IP68 waterproof principle:

The top cover of the junction box is screwed and easy to install.

The inner pressure cap is directly pressed to seal, and the sealing rubber ring is prevented from being crushed and deformed.

The sealing rubber ring is made of high-quality silica gel material, and the surface is designed with double arc shape. When pressed, the upper and lower vacuum chambers can be formed to form vacuum isolation.

The inlet is equipped with a high-quality waterproof joint to ensure that moisture and water cannot enter.

Waterproof junction box DATA-E003 waterproof test pressure test reached 0.4MPa, no water leakage, deformation, etc. after 72 hours of pressure; after long-term installation inspection in the well, perfect design expectations.

Post time: Jul-21-2018
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