The role of the junction box

In the home decoration, the junction box is one of the electrical accessories, because the wiring for the decoration is through the wire tube, and the junction box (such as the long line, or the corner of the wire tube) is used as a The wire tube is connected to the junction box, and the wires inside the wire tube are connected in the junction box to protect the wires and connect the wires. This is the junction box.

The general junction box is composed of a cover, a box, a terminal, a diode, a connecting line, and a connector. The outer casing should have strong anti-aging and ultraviolet resistance; it should meet the requirements of outdoor harsh environment.

Because the junction box is generally installed with important electrical products, such as air switches, air leakage circuit breakers, or other important products, these products play an important role in the line.

The waterproof junction box produced by our company has: dustproof (IP65/IP67), waterproof, explosion-proof, acid-proof, alkali-resistant, beautiful appearance, stable quality, completely insulated, non-conductive, anti-impact and deformation. The size of waterproof junction box From 58*65*36 (mm) to 1000*800*350 (mm), there are thousands of sizes to choose from. Its main applications: petrochemical, port and terminal, power distribution, fire protection industry , electrical and electronic, communications industry, bridges, tunnels, environmental protection products and environmental protection projects, landscape lighting.

Post time: Jul-21-2018
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