The environment of the insulation piercing clamp is extremely characteristic

The environment of the insulation piercing clamp is extremely characteristic
The first category: insulated puncture clamps are satisfied with overhead cable (insulation, bare wire), insulation into the household cable, building distribution system, street lighting distribution system, etc., at low voltage (1KV), medium voltage (10KV) and other environmental uses, also known as cable insulation piercing connectors.

The second category: low-voltage (1KV), medium-voltage (10KV) underground power grid (direct buried, cable trench) special cable insulation puncture connector and accessories. It is mainly used for the insulated cable branch in the underground support box. It is a patented product of France Sikam Company and is the best choice for the power grid underground project.

The third category: low-voltage pre-insulated connection bushings (butt joints): for the same diameter or different diameters, and the docking of the same or different metal wires
The fourth category: suspension components, self-supporting harness terminal clamps and detachable grooved belts.

Cable insulation piercing connector is widely used in transmission and distribution engineering: medium and low voltage overhead insulated cable or bare wire connection, low voltage insulation incoming cable connection, building distribution system cable connection, underground power grid connection, street light distribution system Connections and common cable field branches, etc. The areas covered include real estate development, power supply systems, electrical installations, municipal construction, and road construction (street lights).

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1. Can the puncture method be in good contact?
The general planar connection between the two conductors is multi-point contact under microscopic observation, and only the true cross-contact can ensure efficient electrical connection.

2. What is the fever after power-on?

The inner conductor of the cable connector is made of special alloy, and its rated current is much larger than that of the same diameter cable, which ensures that the heat is lower than that of the same diameter cable when the current passes.

3. How do you use armored or sheathed cables?

Strip the 20-50 cm armor sheath only at the main line branch, without cutting off the cable, without stripping the insulation of the wire, branching the connector on each insulated wire, and then sheathing the ends Equipotential bonding and sealing.


4. Can the cross-linked cable with a high hardness of the insulation be used?

The cable connector can pierce metal wires and of course pierce any type of insulation that is lower in hardness than metal wires.

5. Can France Sikam Cable Insulation Piercing Connector be waterproof?

The 6KV (low pressure) and 15KV (medium voltage) withstand voltage tests of the Sikam cable connector were carried out under water.

6. Save money with the French Sikam cable connector?

At present, the comprehensive cost of using the Sikam connector for ordinary T-connection is the lowest. In terms of building electrical distribution system, the cost performance is much higher than that of the traditional junction box and pre-branch cable, and it can save a lot of civil construction area and construction. cost.

Post time: Sep-11-2019
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