The difference between switch box and junction box

The electrical lines in the building are generally concealed. There is a box for the switch at the switch, which is the switch box. The function of the switch box is to install the switch (fixed), and the second is the switch wiring. Then the switch box is also called the junction box, the box. If you do not install switches, sockets, or covers, you can only call the junction box. The line needs to be branched, and the tube turns too much for the convenience of threading, and it is necessary to install a junction box. Many people think that the switch box is the junction box. In fact, the switch box and the junction box are different.
1. The junction box is the over-transition box that must be set when the pipeline length pipeline elbow exceeds the specified distance and the number of elbows in the electrical piping line, and the pipeline is allocated to the load terminal. , are junction boxes, their role is to facilitate threading, splitting and transition wiring

  1. The switch box, the socket box and the lamp box are all the terminal boxes for the three installations. It is the installation of the fixed panel when installing the lamp switch socket and the wiring in the box.

3. Although the junction box and switch box belong to the auxiliary materials in the electrical installation project, in the separate terminal box of the junction box switch box, it is indeed the unpriced main material, and the unit price of the main material needs to be input.

4. Junction box and switch box, whether it is metal box or PVC plastic box, currently used in the installation project is H86 type, that is, the box surface width is 86MM, the box depth is 50MM, 70MM.

5. When calculating the junction box, the lamp box and the socket box

6. The switch box is calculated according to the quantity of the drawings; the junction box must be transitioned according to the branch or return pipe. When the straight line distance and the number of bends exceed the requirements of the specification, the junction box must be added to calculate the actual calculation. This part must pay attention to the pipeline condition and pipeline and elbow conditions for analysis and calculation.

Post time: Jul-21-2018
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