Terminal blocks have those classifications

Terminal blocks can be divided into WUK terminal block, European terminal block series, plug-in terminal block series, transformer terminal block, building wiring terminal, fence type terminal block series, spring type terminal block series, rail type terminal block series, through wall Terminal block series, optocoupler type terminal block series, 110 terminal, 205 terminal, 250 terminal, 187 terminal, OD2.2 ring terminal, 2.5 ring terminal, 3.2 ring terminal, 4.2 ring terminal, 2 ring terminal 6.4 ring terminal, 8.4 ring terminal, 11 ring terminal, 13 ring terminal flag series terminal and sheath series, all kinds of ring terminals, tubular terminals, terminal blocks, copper belt iron belt (2-03, 4-03, 4-04, 6-03, 6-04) and so on.

The plug-in folding is made up of two parts plugged and unplugged, one part is pressed tightly and then inserted into another part, which is soldered to the PCB. This bottom mechanical principle, this anti-vibration design ensures long-term airtight connection and reliability of the finished product. The ears can be assembled at both ends of the socket, and the mounting ears can largely protect the tabs and prevent the tabs from being arranged in a poor position, and the socket design can ensure that the socket can be correctly inserted into the maternal body. The socket can also have an assembly buckle and a locking buckle. The mounting buckles can be more securely fastened to the PCB, and the locking buckles lock the parent and socket after installation. A variety of socket designs can be used with different mating methods, such as horizontal, vertical or tilted to the printed circuit board, etc., depending on the customer's requirements. You can choose either a metric wire gauge or a standard wire gauge, which is the most popular terminal type on the market.

Fence folding is a safe, reliable and effective connection, especially in high current, high voltage environments.

Spring-loaded folding is a new type of terminal that utilizes spring-loaded devices and has been widely used in the world's electrical and electronic engineering industries: lighting, elevator lift control, instrumentation, power, chemical and automotive power.

The track mounting and folding uses reliable threaded connection technology, electronic fault-tolerance technology and the latest electrical connection technology, which are widely used in power electronics, communication, electrical control and power supply.

The rail-type folding adopts a crimping line and a unique thread self-locking design to make the wiring connection reliable and safe. The series of terminal blocks are beautiful in design and can be equipped with a variety of accessories, such as shorting bars, marking strips, baffles, etc.

The wall-type folding adopts the screw connection technology, the insulating material is PA66 (flame retardant grade: UL94, V-0), and the connector is made of high-quality high-conductivity metal material.

H-type through-wall terminal blocks can be installed side by side on panels of thickness from 1mm to 10mm, which can automatically compensate the distance of the adjustment panel thickness, form terminal strips of any number of poles, and can use spacers to increase air gap and creepage distance. The wall-mounted terminal block can be firmly installed in the rectangular reserved hole on the panel without any tools, and the installation is extremely convenient.

H-type through-wall terminal blocks are widely used in some applications where wall penetration solutions are required: power supplies, filters, electrical control cabinets and other electronic equipment. The insulation performance is good and the protection level is high. The user only needs to work directly after external wiring, which saves many unnecessary wiring steps. WUK series terminal block insulation material with modified nylon (PA66), can be connected to 4mm2 wire voltage 800V current 41A electrical connection products.

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