Our company’s junction box was successfully selected by the subway

Our company's junction box was successfully selected by the subway    

After many confirmations on the spot by the subway, the junction box of our company was selected as the special junction box for the subway.

Haiyan terminal Box Co., Ltd. is an electric high-tech enterprise specializing in electrical complete sets of equipment, engaged in engineering design, product technology research and development and automation product sales in the field of industrial automation control, and undertakes various engineering projects and project transformation.

Haiyan terminal Box Co., Ltd. mainly produces and sells: junction box, power equipment, terminal block, high current terminal block insulation puncture clamp, electric power fittings, electrical appliances and accessories, meter box, electromechanical complete equipment, wire and cable, electronic component manufacturing, processing , sales; sales of construction materials. And many other industrial control products. With its deep understanding of market dynamics, the company relies on its own determined and enterprising management and operation to serve electrical and electronic, communications, fire-fighting equipment, control panels, ships, petrochemicals, large factories, coastal factories, terminals and so on.


Post time: Jul-21-2018
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