Analysis and definition of the characteristics of through-wall terminal blocks

The through-wall terminal block can be installed side by side on a panel with a thickness of 1mm to 10mm. It can automatically compensate and adjust the distance of the panel thickness, form the terminal arrangement of any number of poles, and can use the spacer to increase the air gap and creepage distance. . The wall-mounted terminal block can be firmly installed in the rectangular reserved hole on the panel without any tools, and the installation is very convenient. Through-wall terminal blocks apply different connection techniques to the ranks of through-wall terminals: screw-connected, in-line spring-connected and bolt-on through-wall terminals, providing more options for the internal lead wires of the device. Moreover, the new through-wall terminal series has also created a new standard for panel-mounted installation, users can choose the reinforcement method: screw fixing, rivet fixing and fixed-bar fixing.


Product features of through-wall terminal blocks:

1. All models are available with connecting pins.

2. The outer casing is a snap-on connection with no cracks.

3, the installation method is diversified, the installation method can be selected, each of them can be locked by screws and internal and external parts, which can be rotated 180 degrees to make it more firm.

4, the insulation shell is strong and durable, high flame retardant grade, anti-finger touch.

5. The creepage distance can be increased by small spacers to increase the voltage level.

6, reliable and convenient connection, high wiring safety, strong corrosion resistance

7, according to the needs, optimize the selection of the direction of insertion and removal, screwdriver operation direction and wiring direction.


Based on the advantages and characteristics of the above-mentioned through-wall type terminal blocks, the through-wall type terminal blocks are widely used in some occasions where a wall-through solution is required: power supply, wave filter, electrical control cabinet and other electronic equipment.

Post time: Jul-21-2018
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