One inlet two outlet Three phase four wire

One inlet two outlet Three phase four wire

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1、 General

FJ6/HY FJ6/NZ2080 series multifunctional energy-measuring combined terminal blocks are the latest products developed on the basis of former FJ6/DFY1,

2 and FJ6 1, 2 as well as FJ6/HY type energy measuring combined terminal blocks. The product provides favorable conditions for standard connection and safe test

of electric power department.

        As a new generation of terminal blocks among the standard energy measuring terminal block boxes recently developed by our company, this product also is

suitable for the secondary circuit of rated voltage up to 660V and rated current up to 20A, performing the safe adjustment and field test of watt-hour meter, electric

meter, relaying protection device, etc. under on-load conditions, to make sure the safety of human during operation and provides the

guarantee of improving the field working efficiency.

2、  Structural features

1、The product adopts high-molecular polycarbonate material and is made by injection moulding process, therefore, it has the advantages such as flame retardant,

high temperature resistance, no water absorption, moisture resistance, favorable insulation, impact resistance, no easy to crack, aging resistance and so on. It is

featured with reasonable structure, vivid color and nice appearance. In addition, the voltage and current of each phase has the mark of phase sequence color, so it is

easy for combined connection and avoids the measurement error that is caused by wrong phase sequence. It is fixed with sealing screw that is helpful for preventing

the electricity being stolen.

        2、Because the cover plate is made of transparent material, it not only can take convenience for viewing the operation state of terminal block inside, but also can

facilitate the installation and make sure the reliability of connection. And, some bedplates and enclosures are also made of transparent material, it is very easy for

installing, besides, the conductive parts in the terminal block may be watched, so as to achieve the goal of convenient maintenance and safe power utilization.

        3、Some test holes are equipped at the circuits, which can facilitate the insertion of test pen and take the great convenience for safety examination and test.

3、 Application

It is applicable for metering box, watt-hour meter box, complete cubicle, transformer substation, etc., directly installed at the three-phase three-wire and three-

phase four-wire secondary circuit of rated voltage 220-660V and current 5-20A.

4、Main technical indexes  

1. Insulation voltage: 660V  50HZ(60HZ)    2. Rated current: 5~20A    3. Power frequency withstand voltage: 3,000V/1min     4. Ambient temp.: -40℃~+60℃    

5.  Insulation resistance: >30MΩ


Main technical parameter
Rated insulation voltage: 660V、50HZ/60HZ
Rated current: 5A(20A)
power ferquency with standing voltage: 3000V/min
insulation resistance: 〉30MΩ
ambient temperature: —40 ℃~+60 ℃

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