Factory made hot-sale Electrical Junction Box Ip66/67 - FJ6Q-2 din rail type self-elevating Power Distribution connection terminal block – Haiyan Terminal

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FJ6Q series self-elevating connection terminal is especially designed for wiring in various electric control distribution equipment,complete set of equipment, multi-circuit meter box and terminal combination electrical box. Rated insulation voltage of the product is 690V, rated working voltage is 380V, max rated working current is 630A, incoming terminal can be connected with conductors of sectional area 6mm2-70mm2, outgoing terminal can be connected with conductors of sectional area 2.5mm2~25mm2 respectively according to the circuit number and wiring mode. The product is featured with unique and novel structure, firm and reliable wiring, flexible and convenient operation. It is the ideal substitute for various busbars,  earthing terminal and zero line terminal blocks.


FJ6Q self-elevating connection terminal whose incoming terminal adopts direct crimp connection by self-elevating screw crimping clamp, forms autolocking between crimping clamp and screw, it will not loose or fall under vibration condition. It is featured with conve-nient installation, light and handy structure, elegant appearance, has enough racking force to the conductor, with reliable contact.

Installation and operation

This series of products provides two installation modes:

1. Fixed type, drill hole in the base plate and install directly, mounting screw is M5;

2. Rail type, installed on the TH-35 guide rail (top hat rail).



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